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Upcoming Events

october 2017

02oct3:00 pm6:00 pmPalm Springs Safe Access PAD

05oct3:30 pm7:00 pmUrban Pharm Sprig 4-7pm

05oct6:00 pm10:00 pmSprig x HelloMD: Comedy + Cannabis Event // 6-10pm

06octalldayalldayCBCB Sprig Demo 4-7pm

06oct4:00 pm6:00 pmPAD at BudHut LA

07octalldayalldayBPG Sprig Demo 11-2pm

07oct3:00 pm6:00 pmPAD House of BOGO

07oct3:30 pm7:00 pmPure Life Sprig Demo 4-7pm

09octalldayalldaySonoma Patient Group Sprig Demo 3-6pm

10oct2:30 pm7:00 pmHTP Sprig Demo 3-7pm

12oct10:30 am2:00 pmNorthstar Holistic Sprig Demo

12octalldayalldayNatural Herbal Pain Relief Sprig & Rove 4-7pm

12oct3:30 pm7:00 pmDutchman's Flat Sprig Demo 4-7pm

13oct2:30 pm7:00 pmHorizon Sprig Demo 3-7pm

13oct3:00 pm6:00 pmDesert Cann PAD

13oct4:20 pm7:20 pmThe Spot CM PAD 4:20-7:20pm

13oct5:00 pm8:00 pmP.A.D. Florence Canna Clinic

13oct6:00 pm8:00 pmHappy Timez

14oct10:00 am6:00 pmSUPER CLINIK PAD

14oct3:30 pm7:00 pmWhite Fire Sprig Demo

15oct10:00 am1:00 pmSprig Brunch @ Desert Cann Wellness Center

16oct3:00 pm6:00 pmPSA Organica PAD 3-6pm

17octalldayalldayBPG Sprig Demo 3-6pm

17oct(oct 17)10:30 pm18(oct 18)2:00 pmReleaf Vallejo Sprig 11-2pm

18oct3:30 pm7:00 pmBlum Sprig Demo 4-7pm

18oct3:30 pm7:00 pmZen Garden Wellness Sprig 4-7pm

19oct3:30 pm7:00 pmAll About Wellness Sprig Demo 4-7pm

19octalldayalldayCBCB Sprig Demo 4-7pm

20oct11:00 am2:00 pmFrom the Earth PAD 11a-2p

20octalldayalldayReleaf SF Sprig 12-4pm

20oct4:00 pm6:00 pmVan Nuys Solutions PA Day! 4-6pm

20oct5:00 pm7:00 pmEvergreen PAD 5-7p

21oct11:30 am3:00 pmHarborside Oakland Sprig 12-3pm

21oct11:30 am3:00 pmHarborside San Jose 12-3pm

21oct3:30 pm7:00 pmAlpine Alternative Sprig 4-7pm

24oct11:00 am2:00 pmAirfield Supply Sprig Demo 11-2pm

25oct2:30 pm7:00 pmHTP Sprig Demo 3-7pm

27oct5:00 pm8:00 pmPAD Old American Cannabis

30octalldayalldayBPG Sprig Demo 3-6pm