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Learn about Sprig.


What is Sprig?

Sprig is a naturally flavored, citrus soda infused with 10mg of THC (the most widely-known psychoactive compound in cannabis). If you're not familiar with THC, click here for a primer.

How is Sprig made?

Each Sprig is infused with 10mg of premium THC oil. Our oil is safely and carefully extracted from California-grown cannabis to ensure a consistent experience with no unwanted ingredients. We blend our oil with natural citrus flavors to create one tasty, uplifting beverage. Sprig is made in a state-of-the-art, food-grade production facility with the utmost care for the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

How does Sprig compare to other edibles?

Sprig is different than other edibles. As a carbonated soft drink, Sprig hits you faster than solid edibles and non-carbonated beverages. Within an hour, you'll feel Sprig's euphoric, uplifting effects and will enjoy this for up to several hours. Our THC oil is uniformly distributed in each can, ensuring a consistent experience.

Where can I find Sprig?

Sprig is currently available in many dispensaries throughout California. Click here to find the location closest to you.

Is Sprig available outside of California?

No; current regulations prohibit us from sending Sprig across state lines or internationally. Time for a Californian vacation! Click here to keep up with the latest status on federal regulations.


How do I order more Sprig?

If you're a dispensary and need to order more Sprig, please order online, call 888.690.7775 or email orders@drinksprig.com. We do not currently sell direct to consumers.

Why does the price show up as $0.00 when I order Sprig online?

We currently do not accept online payment. Once you place your order online, a Sprig representative will contact you within one business day to complete your transaction.

What is the shelf life of Sprig?

The shelf life of Sprig is one year without refrigeration.

Are Sprig promotional materials available?

Yes, promotional materials such as posters, displays, and banners are available. Please contact your sales representative or call 888.690.7775 for more information.

Does Sprig participate in Patient Appreciation Days?

Yes! And they are highly encouraged. Please contact your sales representative or call 888.690.7775 for more information.