Drink Sprig | Smile More | THC-Infused Soda

Sprig Soda

The delicious, refreshing,
THC-infused soda.

Sprig is a sparkling drink infused with 10mg of our very own premium THC oil. Our oil is safely and carefully extracted from California-grown cannabis to ensure a consistent experience and no unwanted ingredients.

Drink Sprig | Original or Zero Sugar

The Taste

When you pop open a can of Sprig and take that first swig, you'll notice that this is not like other cannabis drinks - there's no 'earthy' taste! We blend our oil with natural citrus flavors to create one delicious, uplifting beverage that's immediately refreshing and highly unique. Learn more.

The Experience

Sprig is a social and fun experience. Bring a Sprig to the beach or on a hike with friends, but if you want to binge-watch Game of Thrones or Archer, that's OK too. Within an hour, you'll begin to feel the effects of the 10mg THC infusion.

Please drink responsibly.